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Rennes School of Business boasts a network of 19,000 former students scattered over more than 100 countries.

Are you a former Rennes School of Business student? Looking to bring your knowledge up to date and acquire new skills?

We’re here for you. Get in touch!

Bespoke graduate support, special ‘Alumni’ fees

Graduating from the Rennes School of Business means:
Access to a network and community brimming with funding opportunities for students (grants) and entrepreneurs (Trophées des Entrepreneurs scheme);
The chance to take part in over 80 events every year;
50,000 job offers and alumni internships.

You’ll also get:

The option of joining one of our 45 volunteer-led societies and clubs;
Access to the Executive Education Club;
National Clubs, for former students working abroad;
Regional Clubs, especially for graduates in France’s major cities;
Business Clubs that offer themed (department- and sector-specific) industry talks and events;
Clubs that run events with broader appeal: rugby, wine-tasting, support for women in business.