The Rennes SB Executive MBA puts practical experience at the heart of its curriculum. You will acquire key management skills and learn about the latest approaches to leadership and corporate social responsibility. Modules are designed to assimilate concepts, resources and knowledge in an interactive way.

The learning objectives provide participants with a well-rounded understanding of the role of sustainability in business and equips them with the knowledge and skills needed to lead their organisations towards sustainable success.

This EMBA programme is delivered on our Paris Campus – 9, rue d’Athènes, 75009 Paris and differentiates itself from the Executive MBA Programme on the Rennes Campus.  The Paris programme and Rennes Programmes are mutually accredited and share a similar structure.  The Rennes EMBA is in its 29th year and is ranked among the top 100 worldwide by the Financial Times in 2022.


The Sustainable EMBA Paris is a pioneer programme and unique within Europe – 100% dedicated to corporate social responsibility (RSE) and a sustainable future.

  • January 2024
  • 18 months
  • 100% English
  • Paris
  • €39,500 VAT
  • CPF certified - RNCP 35206 Niveau 7 - Code Number 29558


Experienced management professionals with c-suite aspirations use the EMBA to better lead organisations and progress in a career.

An EMBA provides general business education across a range of subjects: finance and accounting, marketing, strategy, project management, leadership, geo-political strategy, etc…

The EMBA degree aids in developing your leadership skills and improves business skills, knowledge and overall acumen.  While doing this, you build new networks and undergo genuine change with peers and mentors to create new opportunities.  Group and individual projects are adapted to your personal and professional needs and form the basis for your success post-EMBA.

The EMBA attracts a variety of professionals from different sectors and functions.  Many are international in scope and have exposure to global best practices.

The learning objectives provide participants with a well-rounded understanding of the role of sustainability in business and equips them with the knowledge and skills needed to lead their organisations towards sustainable success.  You will learn to manage complexity and exert influence at the highest levels in the corporate arena.  You will also develop the capacity to analyse and implement solutions in order to make genuine and lasting change.

Personal objectives

  • Develop your strategic perspectives and managerial skills.
  • Boost your decision-making skills in a complex international environment.
  • Develop new ways of thinking by adopting an innovative approach to business processes.
  • Develop your ability to manage multicultural teams.

Corporate objectives

  • To understand the economic benefits of implementing sustainable practices in business, including cost savings and increased efficiency.
  • To recognise the social responsibility of businesses to minimise their impact on the environment and contribute to a more sustainable future.
  • To analyse the growing demand for environmentally conscious products and services among consumers.
  • To become familiar with the laws and regulations aimed at encouraging sustainability in business operations and the consequences of non-compliance.
  • To evaluate the impact of sustainability practices on a company’s reputation and brand image, and the potential benefits of being seen as an environmentally conscious business.

Participant profiles

The programme works with individuals who have significant professional experience and a genuine desire to learn and grow professionally.  Some previous management experience with either projects or people, is essential to adding value and benefitting from the group.  We take a one-to-one personalised approach to admissions, learning the key aspects of your life and professional experiences to assess your potential for management and leadership over the long-term.  Having a tentative professional project is a strong motivator for undertaking this programme.

EMBA Cohort Overview:

> 46% women
> 54% men
> 27 EMBA’s per intake
> 15 nationalities
> 14 years of professional experience on average
> 78% international-in-scope

Senior Managers

Engineers & Scientists



The average age of a class is 40 years old with 17 years of professional experience. Participants come from all sectors of activity and professional specialisations. Classes are also highly multicultural with almost half of the students coming from outside France. The added value of the modules also lies in the interaction between students, the sharing of experience and the contribution of complementary visions in the context of case studies and reflections during the courses.




• Motivation & Self-Determination
• Economics & Geopolitics (risks related to global warming & loss of biodiversity)
• International Business Study Tour (transition put into practice)
• Walk the Talk Corporate Social Responsibility


• Planetary Boundaries as Basis for Strategic Decision-Making (Strategic Analysis)
• Marketing Management in Post-Consumerism Era
• Strategic Management of IT for Net Zero Impact
• Creativity, Innovation & Knowledge Management


• Financial Accounting & Reporting (international sustainability standards)
• ESG-Inclusive Management Accounting & Control
• Operations Management
• Responsible Finance


• Purposeful Leadership
• Applied Organizational Behaviour
• Cooperative Cross-cultural Negotiation
• Managing Change with Agility


• Business Strategy with Glocal Outreach & impact (Strategy Management)
• Engaging Audience
• Coaching
• Permaentreprise Game
• Consulting Project
• Graduating Project





Interview with the Programme Director


Admission and support for financing

Our admission process is simple, fast and can be adapted to your professional schedule. You are accompanied throughout the procedure by our admissions managers, whether to complete your application file, prepare your interview with the Programme Director or with the processes for financial assistance and administrative registration.

Application & Interview

=> Application form to be completed on our platform where you will be asked to provide information on your career path and experience, your motivating factors, your career plan, etc.

=> Interview with the Programme Director, which consists of a period of exchange to ensure that our academic offer is in line with your expectations and your project. It will also be an opportunity to discuss current topics, your vision of current business trends, etc. Following the interview, an assessment report is published by the Programme Director to measure the quality of your application.

=> An admissions panel meets each week to assess and validate the applications received. You then receive your admissions letter by email. The admissions officer with the processes for funding and publishing your training agreement.

Financial aid

There are many funding schemes for vocational training depending on your situation, a non-exhaustive list is given below:

=> CPF Personal Training Account
=> Company skills development plan
=> OPCO contribution (for companies with fewer than 50 employees)
=> Individual Training Assistance (Pôle Emploi)
=> Assistance from the Région Qualifemploi (for job seekers)
=> The professional transition project – CPF de transition (formerly CIF)


Our alumni share their experience and how the programme contributed to their career development.

“Combining my Executive MBA with my start-up company was a very intense challenge, but the experience was very enriching. Well beyond the training provided, (which was my initial goal!) meeting people with very different backgrounds truly broadened my horizons. I met a lot of great people… and even recruited the COO of my company!”

Cathy LESAGE, Rennes SB Alumni ‘20 – President, RUBYCAT-Labs


“I joined the Executive MBA at Rennes School of Business at the time I co-founded a SaaS software start-up. I was transitioning from a CTO to a CEO position with an orchestrating role. I had the profile of a technical engineer and I lacked management and strategic development skills. The Executive MBA has enabled me to get a year ahead in operations for developing my company, thanks in particular to the course in Leadership, HR Management, Financial Strategy and above all Major Innovation, which guided me in my product development choices. It was also a great human experience with a variety of very different profiles among my fellow students.”

Dominique PÉRÉ, Rennes SB Alumni ‘15 – Strategy/Director Digital Platforms, Data 4 Digital


“The Executive MBA programme provided the steppingstones that I needed in order to progress in my career. It gave me the tools to be able to reach my goals. More than just learning how to lead a company to success, the programme taught me how to operate in an international environment. Thanks to its unique teaching methods, bringing different students from different countries together, each of us shared our experiences and cultural differences while striving for excellence.”

Sandra LE FLOCH, Rennes SB Alumni ‘20 – Country Manager France, DISPROQUIMA





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