The Executive MSc Business Negotiation & Conflict Resolution gives you the strategic and operational skills you need to develop innovative solutions and seal agreements that work for everyone around the table.



It has become vital to have a solid understanding of modern negotiation techniques rooted in neuroscience and digital technology. This post-master degree gives you a decisive advantage that will enable you to reduce your procurement costs while enhancing your chances of reaching ideal agreements. Whatever sector you are working in or whoever you are talking with, negotiations can’t be improvised as you go along – they require careful planning.

Dr Irena DESCUBES, Programme Director
Dr Yann Duzert, Programme Director

Programme Missions

Program objectives

This post-master degree has been designed to enable managers to master the challenges posed by negotiation and conflict resolution. Having pioneered this area of study, it now provides an unconventional and comprehensive contemporary perspective on negotiations and conflict resolution in all their guises.


This training will give you the skills and latest techniques of a negotiator and conflict resolution specialist. Once they have acquired this skillset, students will be able to meet the challenges thrown at them by their professional environment by implementing win-win solutions for all parties.


Expert lecturers and speakers working in negotiation, mediation, conciliation, arbitration and conflict resolution contribute to every stage of the course. The teaching programme they have designed is based on the latest academic research, with a particular emphasis on recent advances in cognitive science, neuroscience and applied artificial intelligence.

All our speakers are internationally recognised negotiators. While some have forged a career in this demanding area within the business world, others have focussed on politics or on relationships with unions and employee representatives. Each of them has been called upon to find creative ways of striking the right compromise and implementing ideal solutions.

Future students will be asked to reflect on negotiations’ intrinsic, instrumental and constructive values and learn how to negotiate using the latest responsible, sustainable, solidarity-oriented ethics.


Innovation and entrepreneurialism using new negotiation techniques

=> Innovative strategic development;
=> A neuroscientific approach to influential negotiations;
=> Negotiations and the digital age.


Negotiation strategies and strategies for intercultural commercial organisation

=> Organisational contexts;
=> Intercultural relations with the Muslim world;
=> Corporate strategy and creative thinking in China, Panama and Brazil;
=> Managing corporate identities and cultures;
=> Relationships with employee representatives and alternative conflict resolution;
=> Case studies;
=> Relationships with angry people.


Entrepreneurship: complex negotiation strategies and governance

=> Organisational environments;
=> Collaborative governance;
=> The third sector and public sector;
=> Conflicts of interest and political lobbying;
=> Economics and regulation;
=> Management of complex projects.


Behavioural studies

=> Etiquette, body language and codes of conduct;
=> Complex negotiations and crisis situations;
=> Trust and ethics.


Special subjects

=> Negotiation and mediation;
=> Intercultural intelligence and skills;
=> Procurement and sales.

Useful information


=> Sales, Purchasing and HR Managers, Business Lawyers, anyone involved in negotiation techniques.


=> An undergraduate degree or higher or the equivalent in relevant professional experience
=> English test or TOEIC: 800 min (for non native speaker only)
=> Minimum of 3 years’ professional experience


Two-step admission process:
=> Application to be submitted online
=> Personal interview with the Programme Manager

Next intake: September 2021

Financing Cost: € 16 200 (VAT included) + € 150 Alumni membership.

In Brief

  • September 2021
  • 12 months
  • 100% in English
  • Paris
  • 16 200€ incl. VAT