Take your training to the next level with the Rennes School of Business’ continuous learning solutions

To prepare managers and directors for tackling the challenges of the future head on, Rennes School of Business offers tailored courses and customised training in partnership with companies based in Brittany, France and across the world.

Innovative corporate learning underpinned by the academic excellence of the school’s professors.

Get ahead of the game

In an ever-changing context, companies need to anticipate the challenges that lie ahead – which is precisely where Rennes School of Business Executive Education excels. Drawing on an innovative teaching method, the school assists managers and directors in thinking outside the box and learning to work differently. The school’s unique continuous education programmes put its professors’ academic excellence centre stage, giving companies access to a series of tailored courses. The goal is to equip companies in Brittany, France and the world to take on challenges brought about by globalisation, digitalisation, CSR, and more.

Rennes School of Business has designed three core types of bespoke training solutions aimed at company directors and managers: inter-company short courses, intra-company certificate courses and professional certificate programmes. As a result, the company supports top and middle managers by building their knowledge and expertise in areas such as leadership and financial analysis, and by boosting their career trajectories in an international context, as with the Executive MBA – one of the Financial Times’ 100 top MBA programmes. Our priority is always deepening employees’ skill-sets and giving companies the tools they need to create value.

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Leadership training in managerial skills

Executive Education offers a range of management leadership training opportunities. The Business Development Manager training programmes teach participants to develop and manage business activities with a view to bolstering company performance. The Rennes School of Business specialist training programmes are aimed at all candidates seeking in-depth training in a specific aspect of corporate management.

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Profit Centre Manager training: a management certificate course to take managers’ skills to the next level

Our Profit Centre management training programme is designed to boost middle managers’ skills, equipping them with an overarching, cross-departmental view of their company and helping them roll out strategy plans, lead teams, and create added value to bolster performance.

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“Expert” corporate training at Rennes School of Business

Based on the biggest challenges companies face, Rennes School of Business developed three expert corporate training programmes to provide participants with insight into the developments and changes afoot.

Green and Digital Supply Chain. This high-level training programme gives participants the decision-making tools they need in a complex context where new environmental standards have become the norm.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. This expert training programme focuses on taking an artificial intelligence-oriented approach to business and supporting companies through technological transitions.

Agrobusiness, food processing management. In light of emerging environmental constraints, food companies are forced to adapt. This course offers ways forward in ticking off strategic priorities in the ever-changing context of the food industry.

Corporate training fully in English!

As an international institution, Rennes School of Business offers an EMBA entirely taught in English. The Executive MBA/Genuine career accelerator programme gives directors, managers and entrepreneurs the keys to unlocking complex business operations and identifying lasting, innovative strategies to handling green issues that incorporate financial and corporate aspects. This training programme is aimed at professionals seeking to lend their profile international momentum and/or accelerate their career.

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Training in an international setting

Rennes School of Business is a unique management and business school, with the institution’s international outlook serving as one of its defining characteristics. For our professional students, the school is the perfect opportunity to grow and learn in a stimulating international environment while building their networks. The figures speak for themselves:

70 nationalities on campus
100 permanent members of teaching staff, 95% of whom are international
55% international students
1 Executive Master in Business Administrative coming in top of the business school rankings: one of the 100 best Executive MBAs in the world according to the Financial Times.

In addition, Rennes School of Business works with international university partners to develop training programmes aimed at international managers in cutting-edge fields such as artificial intelligence.