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Focus: Sohrab Faramarzi Oghani – Greening An Msc In Supply Chain (and other systemic ambitions)

Feb 2022

Virtue in others: “Any quality that helps others feel good about themselves! I guess I value the generosity involved with helping and supporting others.”   My favorite quality in a student: “Well, there are many things I appreciate in my students, such as autonomy, seriousness, curiosity, and creativeness. I love autonomous students who can manage […]

Focus: Ljupka Naumovska: Designing an Executive Msc Programme For Future Innovators (and other such creative ambitions)

Jan 2022

Virtue in others: “Mindfulness of other people… especially showing kindness when times are not so great. Nothing reflects people’s true personality better than the way they treat other people around them.”   Quality in students: “That would be curiosity! I must do research on this in near future, but I am pretty sure curious students […]

Hamid Mazloomi – Incorporating AI into your company as a driver for added value

Aug 2020

How is AI being used in companies today? First of all, it should be noted that AI has revolutionised our everyday lives, just as electricity and computers once did. AI will be impacting on everything, overhauling the way companies operate. What’s clear is that ‘data is the new oil’! The biggest progress AI has made […]

Take your training to the next level with the Rennes School of Business’ continuous learning solutions

Get ahead of the game In an ever-changing context, companies need to anticipate the challenges that lie ahead – which is precisely where Rennes School of Business Executive Education excels. Drawing on an innovative teaching method, the school assists managers and directors in thinking outside the box and learning to work differently. The school’s unique […]