Focus: Ljupka Naumovska: Designing an Executive Msc Programme For Future Innovators (and other such creative ambitions)

We recently had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Ljupka Naumovska, Professor and Programme Director of the Executive MSc – Strategic and Digital Marketing.  As a seasoned industry professional, academic an international expatriate and someone with completely “Unframed Thinking”, Ljupka brings renewed enthusiasm, vision, a project-based approach and her unique worldwide perspective to this master’s making it one of our most popular and promising academic offers at the Rennes School of Business.

In “Questionnaire de Proust” fashion, here are her responses:

Virtue in others:

“Mindfulness of other people… especially showing kindness when times are not so great. Nothing reflects people’s true personality better than the way they treat other people around them.”


Quality in students:

“That would be curiosity! I must do research on this in near future, but I am pretty sure curious students perform better than naturally talented ones.  (Of course, quality comes from humbleness as well… a reflection of how one sees his or her position compared with others and the world.) Remaining curious, even when we are good at something, I believe, is the key to continuous growth!”


Lunch tomorrow with famous people:

Malala Yousafzai and Allyson Felix! If possible, during the same lunch!  They are both survivors… each one in her own way… and they are both winners! They way they move through life is truly astonishing… full of wisdom, excellence and each woman with a strong urge for sharing.”


Most inspiring environment:

“Easy.  A classroom full of internationally diverse students. “


If I were an “application”, I would be… 

Vivino! No explanation is needed! “


Appreciated most in academic colleagues:

“First, their amazingly strong willingness to help – especially for newcomers from different countries. Then, it’s their commitment to the work that they do.  Also, the way they manifest Rennes School of Business values in their everyday lives.  For sure, I admire their passion for knowledge-sharing and… perhaps most importantly, their humor!”


Professional question trying hardest to answer:

“How on earth is TikTok so popular?”


Professional “Mount Everest”:

“Seeing our graduates become CEO of Google, Tesla, BNP… the next inventors of UBER, AirBnB…”


3 Key programme characteristics:

“1) DYNAMIC: We who belong to this industry are never bored. We get to see and also apply changes on a daily basis
2) HOLISTIC: to be good a marketer means that you are good with technology, you are creative, responsible, multitasking, good with numbers and analytics
3) CHANGEMAKING. No good deed or action in the last decade was performed or facilitated without marketing communication. Whether we talk about equality, social justice, raising awareness, policy improvements… marketing communication was always the means.”


Most critical issue in strategic marketing today:

Multidisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity! We need to be learning, to be open and to be constantly curious… not only about marketing, but within all complementary disciplines as well – analytics, IT, tech, design, AI….”


Advice for those seeking to grow professionally:

“Stay humble. Surround yourself with people who are better than you. Play fair. Learn how and when to say no.”


Want most for my students:

“To be able to recognize an opportunity and be smart enough to choose well and in a timely way. In marketing vocabulary, that means to recognize prospect, project, campaign, or charity that will lift them up. Having experiences of both large and small companies is essential to moving from junior to mid-level. As for the senior levels, I would not say its harder. But getting to senior level is definitely more specific to the job and individual as these moves require not only technical skills, but also honed interpersonal skills.”


Innovate much?

“Through endless reading, I fuel my personal curiosity.  I also learn a lot from my students and colleagues.”


Greatest business school hopes:

“To become #1 international school in the world very soon and to be even more recognized for the outstanding work that is being done here!”


Present state of mind:

“The more you give, the more you receive.”


Written on my tombstone:

“Lived an amazing life and am coming back for more.”

Thanks, Ljupka.  Really enjoyed this interview!


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