– Are you a team leader, a functional or operational manager, and determined to broaden your knowledge of strategic and digital marketing to be applied in a global business environment?

– Are you a professional that is working full-time or in transition that is interested in professional retraining by resuming your studies in this field?

– Are you an employee that wishes to develop your digital marketing skills in order to acquire new responsibilities and advance your career?

In partnership with and delivered by the ICD association, Certification “Manager de la Relation Client et du Marketing”, level 7 NSF code 310, registered in the RNCP under the number 31991, by an order of December 17, 2018 in the Official Journal of December 21, 2018.

  • September 2022
  • 18 months (4d./month)
  • 100% in English
  • Paris
  • 16 200€ TTC incl. VAT


The Executive Master of Science in Strategic and Digital Marketing enables you to acquire specialist knowledge and skills in strategic and digital marketing that is directly applicable in an international business environment.

Thanks to the use of case studies, projects and strategic problems arising from real-life situations, this programme offers high-level training for professionals wishing to deepen their knowledge and skills or redirect their careers towards digital marketing professions.

At the end of this training, you will be able to define and implement an efficient marketing strategy within your organisation to advance any organisation at the heart of a globalised and hyper-connected world.

Personal objectives

  • Possess 360° strategic knowledge and implement a powerful and sustainable marketing and digital strategy.
  • Innovate with differentiated marketing.
  • Mix with omni-channel, online and offline marketing
  • Set up effective monitoring of your KPIs and ROI.
  • Manage large-scale omni-channel projects.

Corporate objectives

  • Implementation of a high-performance marketing and digital strategy
  • Efficient management of the Marketing & Communication budget
  • Development of your brand awareness based on responsible and innovative communication
  • Improved customer experience and increased customer satisfaction

Participant profiles

The programme is open to people with an undergraduate degree and a minimum of 3 years’ professional experience.
An English or TOEIC test with a score of at least 800 (for non-English speaking students) may also be requested.

Marketing Managers

Communication Managers

Project Managers


Digital Managers

Each cohort consists of participants from marketing, digital, communication, project management or webmarketing functions in different sectors. The added value of the modules taught also lies in the interaction between students, the sharing of experience and the contribution of complementary visions in the context of case studies and reflections during the course.


The Executive Master of Science in Strategic and Digital Marketing allows you to acquire specialized knowledge and skills in Strategic and Digital marketing, directly applicable in an international business environment.

Through case studies, projects and strategic problems from real-life situations, this program offers a high level of training for professionals wishing to deepen their knowledge and skills or reorient their career towards the digital marketing profession.

At the end of this training you will be able to define and implement within your organization an efficient marketing strategy to move any organization forward in a globalized and hyperconnected world.


  • Integrating Online and Offline Marketing Communications
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Omni-channel Consumer Behaviour
  • Advanced Strategy


  • Marketing Research
  • Database for Direct Marketing and E-CRM
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Digital Marketing and Branding


  • Marketing of Innovation
  • Designing User Experience and Web Analytics
  • Digital Adversiting and Communication
  • Digital Project Management


  • Next Organisation
  • Marketing Intelligence and Pricing Strategy
  • Omni-channel Distribution and Retail Management
  • Team Development and Management





Interview with the Programme Director


Admission and support for financing

Our admission process is simple, fast and can be adapted to your professional schedule. You are accompanied throughout the procedure by our admissions managers, whether to complete your application file, prepare your interview with the Programme Director or with the processes for financial assistance and administrative registration.

Application & Interview

=> Application form to be completed on our platform where you will be asked to provide information on your career path and experience, your motivating factors, your career plan, etc.

=> Interview with the Programme Director, which consists of a period of exchange to ensure that our academic offer is in line with your expectations and your project. It will also be an opportunity to discuss current topics, your vision of current business trends, etc. Following the interview, an assessment report is published by the Programme Director to measure the quality of your application.

=> An admissions panel meets each week to assess and validate the applications received. You then receive your admissions letter by email. The admissions officer with the processes for funding and publishing your training agreement.

Financial aid

There are many funding schemes for vocational training depending on your situation, a non-exhaustive list is given below:

=> CPF Personal Training Account
=> Company skills development plan
=> OPCO contribution (for companies with fewer than 50 employees)
=> Individual Training Assistance (Pôle Emploi)
=> Assistance from the Région Qualifemploi (for job seekers)
=> The professional transition project – CPF de transition (formerly CIF)


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